A local holiday themed charity event to raise money in creative ways for the Windsor Cancer Centre Foundation.

Lindsey at Pumpkin patch.png

Carve 4 Cancer was our first event; a Halloween-themed event where businesses donate and carve giant pumpkins. Patients and staff get to vote on their favourite in the Best Pumpkin Contest. Through putting on this event in 2018 and 2020, we have raised $21,980 for the WCCF, with plans to continue to organize this event in the future.

Our Goal:

Get local businesses to support local charities through fun, team-building events. In return for a donation to the Windsor Cancer Centre Foundation, businesses can enter into creative, holiday-themed contests where they decorate pumpkins and wreaths and compete for prizes. Our events get everyone involved in the fun;  businesses, organizers, patients and staff. One of our main goals and reasons why we do what we do is to give people a reason to smile, no matter what they're going through, with our fun and interactive holiday contest displays.

Wreaths 4 Wellness was our second event, put on when the pumpkin crop unfortunately failed one season, where businesses donate and decorate holiday wreaths in this Christmas-themed event. Patients and staff can vote on their favourite and enter a raffle to get the chance to take home one of the wreaths for the holidays. In 2019, we were able to raise $8,200.

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